IDD Services

At GEM Pharmacy we understand the importance for our individuals to have the quality of life they deserve. We are here to help achieve that. With over 36 years of developmental disabilities services, we have the unique ability to customize our services to meet you or your agencies needs. There are no minimum requirement of your how many individuals you have under your company.

Our friendly Long Term Care team is trained on the regulations IDD Agencies are held to, and we will go above and beyond to maintain compliance. AS well as compliance with your agencies own policies. We understand how the language is to be on prescriptions for PRNs, and for Mental Health medications. We understand the need to have a written order for everything staff uses for individuals. We will quickly obtain important orders needed from Physicians that will meet state standards to ensure accuracy. At GEM you will get to talk to the same people everyday. Which will improve turn around time for requests, and lesson any confusion in the communication.

We have close relationships with all Mental Health Doctors in Colorado that allow us to quickly meet your needs. We are one of the preferred Mental Health Pharmacies in the greater metro area.

We have many specialty drugs available at our store.

Are you using Therap? Let us help. We do not just let any rx go into Therap. With our quick knowledge of acceptable language on prescriptions, we will promptly fix it before it is approved on the MAR.

Searching for special Over the Counter items? Search no more. If we are not a supplier of the special item, we will become one. Soy free, and Gluten free and much more over the counter items available at our store.

Take advantage of our Medical Supplies, and Incontinence Supplies. Get everything delivered together at our one stop shop.

We offer in store charge accounts that can be customized to split billing to multiple organizations. We will also help identify on the statements what are insurance copays, non-covered prescriptions, and over the counter prescriptions for ease of reconciling.

We are happy to assist your insurance coordinator with open enrollment for an easy transition to the first of the year. No more headache on medications your individual has been taking getting denied coverage due to insurance formulary changes. We can easily complete open enrollment for over 100 individuals in less than 2 hours of your time.

Is Survey lurking around? We offer in home Med Compliance Checks. We will have your host home, or group home survey ready.

In need of a Flu Clinic? Call us today to get one scheduled.

We look forward to hearing from you! Call our long term care department today!